Yarns of the Heart: Noongar Dolls

Illustrations by Emma Francesca. Designed by Qalam Design. Published by CAN (2013, 2011).

Produced to accompany the String Theory: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art' exhibition curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia which toured through NSW, WA, NT, Queensland and Tasmania.

'Yarns of the Heart' was a textile dollmaking and story-sharing project run by CAN that revived old unique Noongar dollmaking practice. Renowned textile artists Nalda Searles and Cecile Williams ran a series of dollmaking, textiles and embroidery workshops in Narrogin and Pingelly with women from the local communities. As the women sat around the table having a yarn while creating their dolls, their life stories were revealed and woven into their creations.

View the original drawings for the publication.